3logit’s sound effortlessly combines elements of arena rock and rave techno into a compelling whole. Akin to the work of Daft Punk and Justice, 3logit infuse humanity into electronic dance music. Their music is fast-paced, chaotic, and melodically sound. By operating such a wide variety of color into their songs they are able to create ornate pieces of work. Stylistically their work varies from the more dubstep-infused work to those that recall house’s original harder origins. Binding their sound together is an intense desire for volume as these are songs that demand to be blasted as loud as possible.

Audio: https://soundcloud.com/3logit

Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1SCINN1HIa8_zs1AE5XqsA

“Diamond Eyes” explores geometric design. Sounds fold and unfold creating angular structures. This approach works especially well when paired with the passionate vocals. With “All Senses Awake” 3logit takes things to the next level as the tempo is positively unstoppable with elements of video game soundtracks thrown into the mix for good measure. A driving rhythm leads the pulsing percussion and synthesizer stabs of “Clear Your Mind”. Everything works wonders on the gradual build of “Lavablood”. Starting off with a clear edge is the grandeur of “Limits”. On “The Dialogue” 3logit employs a little bit of build giving the song some breathing room before it erupts. Absolutely pristine is the melodic joy of “The Boomerang”.

Clever, concise, and meticulous in design 3logit creates music that refuses to be ignored. This is dance, this is pop, this is rock, all of it done just right.



Posted by Beach Sloth