“People spend their life avoiding feelings,” Australian folk artist Marcus Blacke remarks nonchalantly, addressing the darkness and shadowy strife attached to the textural songs on his Self-Titled debut full-length. “I’m not writing songs so people can dance. I want them to know it is okay to feel something. We’re built to be melancholy sometimes. Those emotions keep us from experiencing a mediocre sense of happiness.”

Blacke’s new Self-Titled record will be coming out May 6, 2016 on Three Sirens Music Group, and the first single “Master of Eden.”

Blacke reveals both grace and gloom throughout the course of his debut record. The propulsive opening track “Russian Orchard” echoes the emotions that follow the evaporation of love. Contrastingly, “Only Orchid”, written on his fathers Romanian cherry orchard, and “Smoke” reminisce on a lover’s wonderment at finding something as quickly as it slips through your fingers.

“Master of Eden”: