Karen Willough – “Tra Le Tue Braccia”


Karen Willough’s “Tra Le Tue Braccia” is a reverie. Beautifully sung in Italian, Karen Willough’s voice shines through with crystal clarity. Accompanying her masterful passionate vocals are hushed whispers of sound. Together everything works to create lovely layers of sound. The balance is ideal as Karen Willough manages to veer from the near silent to the absolute triumphant. By taking such an approach she is able to further emphasize her warm, inviting lyrics. Indeed, Karen Willough’s strong voice serves as the heart of the piece guiding it forward.

“Tra Le Tue Braccia” — Lyric video

Light brush work and a gentle piano introduce the piece. Here the smallest details have the greatest impact. Karen Willough’s is confident, clear, and absolutely tender. Flourishes of sound flutter around her. Around the time the strings come into the swirl of sound Karen Willough’s voice takes on a nearly operatic tone, pulling back just before it enters that realm. Restraint is of the utmost importance throughout the piece as the calming melody carries the piece. Embedded deep within the sound the song comes into full bloom about halfway through the song. Bass work is subtle nuanced and helps to anchor the overall sound. Upon the song’s second burst of sound everything works together to bring the song to a pinnacle of sound. Towards the song’s finale Karen Willough’s voice appears to be heaven sent as the song fades away.

Brilliant and masterful, Karen Willough’s “Tra Le Tue Braccia” is an engrossing deeply involving piece, nicely tying together elements of pop, classical, with a cinematic flair.


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