Bongo Boy Records Presents – BACKROOM BLUES VOL. 1


Opening up the collection with fire is the rollicking sound of “Miss Stacey” by Plainfield Slim & The Groundhawgs. Delivered with great vigor the song swings forward. Vocals are absolutely astounding with just the right amount of passion.

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A stripped down intimate sound defines the intricate work of Blind Lemon Pledge’s “Sugar Rush”. The harmonica feels the song the right amount of soul. Lyrically playful the song’s suggestiveness makes it an absolute joy.

Swinging through with the right level of energy is the infectious work of Paula Boggs Band. On “Miss Ruby Kirby Blues” the Paula Boggs Band has a rich full sound courtesy of the undeniable blistering guitar and organ weaving themselves together. This, on top of a colossal rhythm, makes the song unforgettable.

Big Bone Daddy’s “All I Got To Say” amplifies the connection between blues and rock. Confident in tone this is the kind of song that demands to be played loud. Impressive chops abound from the vocals to the nimble guitar work to the taut rhythm section.

1. Miss Stacey – Plainfield Slim & The Groundhawgs
2. Sugar Rush – Blind Lemon Pledge
3. Miss Ruby Kirby Blues – Paula Boggs Band
4. All I Got To Say – Big Bone Daddy
5. Inside My Head – Vin Matteo
6. Promised Land – Big Bone Daddy
7. Gone – KickBend
8. New York Finest – Kimon and The Prophets
9. Rat Race – Vin Matteo
10. Roadhouse Son – Roadhouse Son Feat. Trevor Sewell

60s retro stylings dominate on Vin Matteo’s “Inside My Head”. With a driving rhythm the song blasts forward with great power. At times Vin Matteo veers towards the psychedelic side of things with colorful hypnotic guitar solos and a sense of surprise that appears throughout the piece.

Large and in charge, Big Bone Daddy’s “Promised Land” has a physicality to it. Sweat and grit pour out of the piece. Filled with heart and soul the song’s hazy heat serves it well.

Utilizing a great deal of finesse is the infinitely stylish “Gone” by KickBend. Quiet like a lamb the song ends like a lion. Buildup of the song is phenomenal as KickBend lets loose.

Jazzy and refined is the piano led “New York’s Finest”. Kimon and the Prophets do exceptional work at creating a kaleidoscopic whirl of sound. Leading the way is the narrative sensibility of the lyrics.

“Rat Race” shows Vin Matteo tapping into the Rolling Stones’ best work. With an infectious groove the piece’s bass line is an adrenaline rush. Nicely balanced between the controlled and the chaotic everything works.

Ending things on a high note is the expansive work of “Roadhouse Sons”. On this piece the Roadhouse Sons feature Trevor Sewell’s carefully crafted lyrics. The song sprawls exploring every perfect nook and cranny of sound, showing off a wide variety of flourishes.

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