The Milanese prog-pop band Le Folli Arie, considered to be one of the most interesting new acts of the Italian indie scene, after the success of the first single in English “It’s not easy” and of the first 3 Italian singles, releases the video of the second single in English “Shot in the dark”.

Written by Simone Corazzari, produced by Simone Corazzari in collaboration with Lorenzo Cazzaniga (Ray Charles, Sting, REM, Claudio Baglioni, Lucio Dalla, Fabrizio De André, Mina, PFM, Pooh, Vasco Rossi,…) and arranged by Le Folli Arie, it’s a song that better represents the rich and variegated sound of the band.
It isn’t the usual love story with a sad end, but it tells about the fear/hope of the change, how to accept it and how to be able to take a shot in the dark without any fear. Everything that produces a change is neither good nor bad itself. Actually, maybe, it is just a chance to evolve, hopefully in a better way.