The follow up to his 2014 JUNO Award nominated album Weightless, Honest Man sees the powerhouse songwriter pushing himself into new territory with producer Commissioner Gordon (Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Santana, Quincy Jones). It highlights Andersen’s rich gospel soul voice and expands on what we already know/love about him while bringing it to a whole new level. The ten songs that make up the album explore both the political and personal. The title track was inspired a US political cartoon and “Let’s Get Back” has Andersen thinking about how his country as a nation has changed, but not for the better. “All The Way” takes a more personal approach as he sings about the decision to fully commit to a relationship while “I’m Giving In” muses about the moments leading up to that commitment. Honest Man is a watershed album full of transcendent musical moments that should elevate the songwriter from internationally acclaimed to world renowned.