IIIZ – “Self-Titled”


With a true sense of style IIIZ’s assured self-titled debut combines the power of rock and EDM into a satisfying whole. These are songs that deserve to be played as loud as possible. Effortlessly merging the worlds of rock and dance akin to Elektro Guzzi’s approach of ‘a band playing techno’ the result is something truly incredible. Songs blast forward with great power, courtesy of Ross’s insistent drumming. Providing the backbone of the album is the subtle yet intense work of Jacob’s bass. Over this is the infinitely talented vocal work of Ison Van Winkle and Mari. Additionally Mari’s keyboard and guitar work is another highlight of the sound.

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Sen Dog of Cypress Hill opens the album up with “Get Away” a propulsive track. Keyboard work colors the wild energy of the aptly named “Manic Pixie”. Poppy in approach is the infinitely catchy work of “The Light” with inspiring lyrics driving the entire thing forward. At times sounding akin to New Order’s giddier work the song is an absolute gem. Triumphant in nature is the sweetness of “Sugar”. Slinky in nature is the taut work of “Retrospective” with Jacob’s bass a clear high point. Darker in nature is the tense work of “Cure”. Starting and stopping on a dime is the nimble “Analyst” whose restrained nature makes it one of highlights of the album. Ending things on a high note is “Straw Dogs” whose stripped down punk approach works wonders.

Colorful, carefree, and completely unstoppable IIIZ’s self-titled debut is a pure pleasure.


Posted by Beach Sloth