Brisbane/LA based RnB songstress, ROMY, adds more kindling to the already roaring fire that is her rise to fame with a self-directed dark & steamy video for debut single ‘Wild Heart’.

ROMY’s mysterious, inky video captures the anxious struggle we all feel to break free of social expectations, and the bravery and loneliness involved in succeeding.

From the time we are able to think, we are fed two very contradictory lessons. One, that nobody’s perfect; and two, that the punishment for not ‘fitting in’ and pursuing impossibly high standards is cruel and unusual. “Be yourself,” we’re told – “as long as you don’t fall far from the crowd.” In a world like this, it can feel lonely, dangerous and nigh impossible to remain defiantly independent. To hold your head high and walk as a lone free spirit among sheep. To have a heart that is uncontrolled, untamed, wild.