Powerkompany’s compound noun name is hardly coincidental; by the sound of their first single off their upcoming two-part LP Fever & Chills, it’s completely possible that they are a fully functioning power station (but not the Robert Palmer/Duran Duran supergroup). “Can’t Cry” features vocals by the band’s Marie Davon that are so massive that not only has the song been probably powering our entire office like a mini nuclear reactor, but it gives Diane Lane’s performance in Streets of Fire a run for its wallet.

Fever & Chills was recently completed at Chase Park Studio in collaboration with Andy LeMaster of Bright Eyes and Azure Ray fame. The two-part LP is made up of two sides of six songs that reach into the depths of the most orchestral music that permeated a more fun era in pop music, like in the 1980s, although there are hints of cabaret whimsy throughout that wouldn’t be uncomfortable living in a dark, 1920s opium brothel. The album is out February 5th, and its playful score and powerful vocals are a must for anyone who loves their favorite records to dabble in the cinematic.