Mark Claytor – ‘Enharmonic Dissonance’


Mark Claytor is back with an EP that rocks harder than ever before. Known to his fans as Mr. McShred for no other reason than his ability to shred like no other. This latest effort, Enharmonic Dissonance is cleverly titled showing what Claytor does best, takes commonality and describes it with his own musical vision.

He has hardcore rockin instrumentals, but this EP has one song with lyrical content that is an epic compliment to his head banging madness. There are only 4 songs, each more powerful than the one that came before it. You can close your eyes and feel tensions building, your heart starts pounding, the emotions escalate, then you’re left breathless and exhausted as you come back down to earth.

He always gives us a spot of his softer side and does not disappoint in the song, Big Larry’s Blues. It is a mix of tumultuous anguish that is satisfied with a soothing pill that chases the blues away. This one is my personal favorite, the turnaround is always greeted with an unexpected twist that brings you back to a nice repetition that never gets old.

Mark Claytor’s latest release, Enharmonic Dissonance is guitar mastery at its finest. This EP is full fledged angst with a euphonic resolve. The music speaks its own language without the use of words. The best part of Claytor is you never have to guess what he is feeling, but the music is filled with intrigue and the mystery keeps us coming back for more. All you guitar lovers out there, your collection is not complete until this CD is in it, get your copy today, what are you waiting for?

I rate this 5 out of 5

Rebecca Hosking – –