Keeping a balance, and surrounding herself with positive people, has kept Dylan on the path towards musical sincerity. Having a voice that speaks to a young generation starved for great leaders; Jenét is an NAACP Junior Life member, and has been awarded the Urban League Legacy Award for philanthropy for her charitable contributions towards the enhancement of society. Jenet has also had the honor of providing her voice to the Democratic Convention in 2008 and President Barack Obama’s Neighborhood Inaugural Ball in 2009.

By believing that staying humble, working harder than anyone else at what she loves, and learning from every experience, there is nothing that is beyond Dylan’s reach. Jenét’s aspirations towards being the voice of a new generation of music will be her inspiration on her debut single, in which she plans on pouring her experiences and heart into during the recording process. She continues to dive deeper into her transformation from a girl to a woman. Dylan Jenét is poised to have an appeal to the international masses establishing her everlasting music legacy.