Since Allie X appeared online in 2014, the Toronto-born, LA-based artist’s radio-ready electronic pop and bold visual style have caused waves internationally. Time magazine called ‘Catch’ a “perfect pop debut single” while Pitchfork likened it to “a shot of adrenaline straight to the chest”. Even Princess of Pop, Katy Perry jumped on board calling ‘Catch’ her “summer jam”, and tweeting it to her 50M Followers.

But a pop icon who appears fully formed, perfectly realised, with no rough edges and a cast-in-stone persona, Allie X is not. The X she added to her name for this phase of her career is not insignificant. “If you need to become anonymous and wipe the slate clean, X gives you the power to do that,” she explains. “In mathematics, X represents the unknown quantity: it’s full of possibility. Once all the questions are solved, X becomes something else.” At that point, she explains, Allie X will have found the missing part of herself. “Eventually, if all goes according to plan, I won’t be Allie X any more,” she adds, “I’ll just be Allie.”