Without completely understanding why, many people know in their hearts that music can be used to forge a better, more connected life. Beyond that, they may be hazy about specific details though. What is it about hearing tones in a pattern that soothes even the most distracted souls out there?

Though that question has an infinite number of answers, at the very least, here are five categories of thought concerning ways to use music for better health – use music knowledge in addition to medical training for therapy situations, learn to play an instrument to focus on positive things, teach music to students to connect with other people, use music to habituate certain routines, and use it as a way to pass time to prevent stress during traveling.

Knowledge In Addition To Medical Training

For people with knowledge of medical practices, there’s common understanding that music helps soothe people’s minds and bodies. So, for instance, if you work in a physician’s office, if you play the right music for the people in the waiting area, you calm everyone down from potentially stressful situations. Even the subtle difference in different types of music can make a huge difference in overall mode of an area.

Learning To Play an Instrument

For people who are agitated easily, or who have trouble focusing in general, learning to play an instrument can be one of the best things for them. By requiring that mind body connection in reference to blocking out the rest of the world temporarily, a huge number of benefits can be observed, and even simple instruments for a short amount of time can bring people back from the brink of depression.

Teaching Music To Students

And if learning music is therapeutic, then teaching it is doubly so. By passing on knowledge to another human being, especially knowledge that can be so emotionally rewarding, you’ll find that both the teacher and the student come out of the relationship with far better mental and physical health for their efforts.

Having Music as Part of Daily Routines

What are the two longest minutes of your day? How many people answered ‘brushing my teeth?’ Though it’s hilariously common, it does point to a specific technique you can use to use music for better health. Play your favorite two minute song while brushing every day or find a tooth-brushing app to do that for you. It makes the time shorter and more enjoyable, and it healthy as well.

Pleasant Ways To Pass Time Traveling

People stress way out when driving long distances if they don’t have music to carry them through the journey. Think of all the unhealthy road rage that could be curbed simply by listening to the right tunes…