Dream Aria – ‘Fallen Angel’

dream aria_REVIEW

Dream Aria’s “Fallen Angel” radiates an intense power. The sounds is a hybrid of classical and metal, intermingling to create a unique blend. Intricate in scope greater volume allows the album’s flourishes to truly take shape. Lyrically the songs have a narrative sensibility and help to bind the songs together. At times Dream Aria weaves elements of folklore into the mix such as the thoughtful “Tale of Two Wolves”.

“Fallen Angel”

The album opens with the sweeping work of the title track. Expansive in scope the piece sprawls out to explore a vast terrain. With a quiet sample introducing “Gypsy Heart” the song does a grand job of working itself into a frenzy, with the muscular guitar work and driving rhythms propelling the song forward. Great synthesizer work anchors the epic work of “The Illusionist” helping to add a symphonic element into the mix. Triumphant in tone is the celebratory “Carnival of Souls”. Much calmer is the ambient-infused dreamy “Healer” whose interesting combination of spiked guitar work with comforting keyboards gives it a luxurious feeling. Closing the album on a high note is the album highlight of “Winter Storm”. Raw, intense, and unhinged, “Winter Storm” explores both nightmarish tones and hope in unequal doses.


By giving themselves a wide variety of subject matter whilst remaining true to their overall cinematic sound Dream Aria is able to create a beautiful world within their aural universe. “Fallen Angel” is a tender passionate and ultimately inspired affair.


Posted by Beach Sloth