Bristol To Memory press_phixr

Bristol To Memory, an Alternative Rock/Pop-Punk band, has been established in the LA/OC music scene since to 2005. The group formed of childhood friends hails from Santa Ana and is influenced by bands such as Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and Say Anything. Their musical compositions and collaboration evokes a feeling of nostalgic excitement with their dynamic guitar progression, thrilling choruses and poetic lyrics.

The video for “It’s Ok” is a video that follows a day of a man who we’re sure is having one of the worst days ever. Starting with being berated at the front door by an irate woman, to having his car taken apart by some unforgiving locals, and on and on, his day just gets worse. But he never loses the, um, smile on his face. He even catches a fleeting glimpse of an equally upbeat gal, eventually catching up in an almost romantic moment. But don’t worry, the universe is still doing everything in its power to ruin that moment, too!