МНМ Кот Обои_phixr

In everybody’s life, there is a moment when the person thinks that all the favorite songs have already been listened to and all new compositions are so typical and boring. Everyone at least once or twice felt the musical depression, when one doesn’t know, what he wants to listen. Has it ever been happened to you? In such moments, you long for something new, unique, challenging, don’t you?

It’s time for new musical style – Chelmusic, which includes the best features of symphonic, electronic and rock art! Russian project “FIZICA”, the architect of Chelmusic, fights with commonness and primitiveness, tries to find new methods and ways to create elevated and stylish music! After all FIZICA is one of the first Russian worldwide projects and the first band in the world playing in Chelmusic. Moreover, Russian lyrics gives to compositions of the band the unique sound that highlights FIZICA on the international arena.