BeX – ‘Good For Nothin’’


BeX brings the funk on “Good For Nothin”. With passionate vocals paired with a hot rhythm everything simply works. Absolutely lush the song breezes by with true swagger. From the taut guitars to the tight rhythm BeX emphasizes the freedom of no longer having to deal with such disappointing people. Throughout the piece she takes a positive prospective of the end of a relationship. People opt for relationships to feel a sense of togetherness. However BeX shows how a person does not have to be restricted by such dead weight.


Fanfare introduces the album in a glorious flourish. As BeX’s powerful voice enters the fray the rest of the song simply revolves around her. Percussion, careful guitar riffs, and synthesizers, these all work in tandem with her carefully chosen words. The active soundscape works wonders for BeX as she bounces around within the kaleidoscope of sound. Slowly unfurling the song’s tension comes from BeX’s confrontation with such a disappointing person. Her proclamation that they are “Good For Nothin’” is downright satisfying as she is able to draw great power. The song peaks when she states how easy it is to simply leave the awful situation. Everything blends together resulting in a triumphant finale.

“Good For Nothin’” is an immaculate pop song. BeX’s voice alongside the positive message found driving the song is stunning. The careful arrangement sounding just like it is about to careen out of control yet remaining fully in control is a thing of true beauty.

Posted by Beach Sloth