Although this is the first single that American audiences are hearing from LILI N (née Lilian Caputo), Italian audiences are no stranger to her captivating voice. At the age of 5, LILI N began working as a voice-over artist in Italy, becoming the Italian voice of British and American actresses like Georgie Henley in Narnia, Taylor Momsen in The Grinch, and even Drew Barrymore in the re-release of E.T. By the time she was 17, she was working with her mother as a dubbing coach for Danny DeVito in The Lorax.

LILI N is a mixture of different worlds. One world is the cinematic, picturesque and familiar world growing up in Rome; the other world is the complex, independent, and ever-changing world of music encompassed in her American experience. In both worlds, the desire for expression lies at the center. She wants to create a message of her own; a message of a world without boundaries. And with her debut single “4U,” Lili N is poised to do just that.