Van Norden – ‘Love At First Sight’


Energetic electro-experience from Van Norden with the brand-new single “Love At First Sight,” a song so bright, addictive and full of hooks I’ve actually got three versions of it here today! I get the excitement behind the music and it makes sense after listening to all three of the mixes as to why they’ve all been put out; each of these versions take on a radically new life & sound depending on the version you’re listening to. Van Norden’s been kind enough to record you some options – you gotta love that! My earholes have firmly decided that no matter how you take it in – it’s definitely a single-worthy tune worth your time.

‘But Jer @ SBS,’ you say, ‘how on earth would I know which mix of “Love At First Sight” is right for ME?’

That is a fantastic question dear readers! Allow me to be your host for this review and seat you in the appropriate section…

If I could please get the people that are a little unsure of new music to line up at the front here, followed closely by the people that need their music ‘less crazy’ and more ‘straight ahead,’ and finally teenagers from thirteen to nineteen both male & female…right this way please. Today we’ve got a fantastic “Radio Edit” of “Love At First Sight,” prepared especially for you all by the house chef Van Norden. You’ll enjoy the robust flavours of an audible hit-song with gorgeous notes of female-vocal splendour. With big swells of pulsing electro-sounds, passionate performances & sparkling production – this massively energetic new offering from Van Norden is sure to go down smoothly with any listener and get the night set off in the right direction.

Stream the publicly available single “Love At First Sight”:

Now if I could get everyone in their 20’s both male & female to line-up and the truly hip seniors ages 65 & older…not you grandma…the ones that can still breakdance & get down…you know who you are! C’mon down – we’ve got the perfect mix made up for people just like you – right this way please…

…here we are…if you can just stay standing for now we’ll just get started right away. Van Norden has ensured you dance-party freakazoids won’t need chairs for the next five-minutes with a clever, cut-up and sonically-challenging beat for you – “Love At First Sight (Subliminal Remix).” No matter how you like to get down – you can do YOU completely on the dancefloor as this remix switches and changes from the left to the right and back again! With a smart edit that truly creates a brand-new song cut out from its original form, the beat will keep you guessing and your synapses firing away throughout the first two minutes nearly before breaking way to a beat that serves as that perfect extra-dose that makes the rest of what you’re up to all kick-in perfectly.

Lastly…if I could ask everyone else to follow me…you’re all amazing for staying later than the rest & thank you so much! Alrighty…just around the corner here…find a seat…

…hey! You people from the first two mixes…your turns are over – you can go if you like. No one? No one wants to leave? Well…I’m not surprised. Okay then people…squish in & make room for EVERYONE…let’s get this party going once again through the ‘Extended Version’ of “Love At First Sight!” Taking on glitches & notes from the EDM/IDM playbooks, this final mix is for the after-hours crowd that never wants to see a Monday come.

I found myself preferring this final ‘extended mix’ personally…I thought it drew out even more fantastic elements in “Love At First Sight” and became a whole lot more than just a pop-electro golden-hook-nugget to chew on. But in truth, it’s all been great – Van Norden has definitely found a hit with this new single – and in all its various mixes, energies, tempos & styles, “Love At First Sight” is bound to find a permanent residency on your playlist.

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