Merry Ellen Kirk unveils the new video for “Ever After,” from her upcoming album, We Are the Dreamers, due out October 23. “Ever After,” delves into the end of a dark ethereal fairytale as she walks through lush forests and tranquil waters while passionately pleading “I wish you would stay/Please don’t go/Baby I need you now more than ever…Where did we go wrong, ‘cause I don’t know.”

Her passion is enveloping, and as the video moves past the opening lines, viewers are fully embraced by the warmth of the landscape Kirk creates. Lush and vibrant plant life is depicted in a way that makes Kirk’s surroundings seem otherworldly. Slowed-down shots and rainbows amplify the fairy-tale effect. All of this compliments the instrumentation, which relies strongly upon ethereal refrains, while hanging onto the organic roots of the track. Amidst all of this, Kirk sings with beguiling vocals as she traverses the forest and beach–dressed like a princess–begging her lover to come home.