Sarantos – “Surgery”


“Surgery” paints the portrait of ultimate vulnerability. With a unique mixture of early 90s grunge paired with symphonic gestures the song’s sense of looming mortality is undeniable. Remarkably clever the song reflects upon the fleeting nature of life. Even within this dark subject matter Sarantos is able to find hope. Lyrically the song describes his experience with poignancy. The small details are critical to the piece as they veer between a nightmarish feeling of hopelessness alongside the joys of appreciating the small things in life: love, sunlight, and the determination to live on. For this song Sarantos utilizes a carefully honed ear for melody that helps to neatly coincide with his difficult personal journey.


With a colossal sweeping introduction the song touches upon gauzy epic guitar work. The percussive elements continue as it goes through the tiniest of details, conversations with family and medical staff, even the objects that help him fade out. By including these various observations Sarantos is able to truly succeed in accurately capturing his terrifying reality. Rhythmically the piece takes on a slow moving dirge forward. Guitar work grows ever larger with the passage of the piece as it matches the terror that fills his mind and mind. However Sarantos does not end with this dark impulse. The move towards a sense of peace neatly brings the song to a close, with the joy of coming out stronger from such an ordeal.

Sarantos proves he is a master of meticulously crafted pop with “Surgery”.

Posted by Beach Sloth