Concert accidents can be catastrophic. In 1979, the British rock band, The Who, performed in Cincinnati’s Riverfront Coliseum without assigning seats or standing room. As the crowd pushed into the massive, first-come first-serve arena, eleven people fell, got trampled, and died. Though this may seem like a macabre story, it reveals the concert accidents’ worst-case scenario. The families of the deceased sued The Who, the concert promoter, and city of Cincinnati and won.

If you’re in a concert accident and get injured, treat the situation seriously. Notify the authorities and seek medical attention. Your injury may be outside of your assumed responsibility, and in that case, you may need to sue to get your medical bills paid for. Here’s how you should handle your concert injury.

Notify the Authorities at the Venue

A lot of people skip this step because, let’s be honest, they are intoxicated. They get hurt, and worry the authorities will blame their inebriated state for their injury. While that may be true, the authorities have a legal obligation to assist you. File a report with concert security and the police on-site.

Seek Medical Attention

This is also a step many people tend to skip. You get injured. You think you’re fine. You don’t seek treatment, and later on, the injury worsens. Now you have a more serious injury than you anticipated. Your medical bills climb into the thousands. Because you didn’t seek immediate medical treatment, you might not have a claim. Avoid this disaster by seeking immediate medical treatment after the accident.

Document Everything

When you get home, write down an account of what occurred. Our memory of events fades every day. You can combat this by documenting your day at the concert. Explain how your injury happened, including even minor details.

Save Medical Bills and Police Reports

The more organized you are, the smoother your lawsuit can be. You need to have a clear idea of exactly how much each medical bill was, how many times you needed see each doctor, and how much money you lost as a result of your injury. Keep strict records of your medical bills, your account of the accident, and your police report.

Get Legal Counsel

Only a lawyer can tell you if the concert venue, concert promoter, or third party was liable for your injury. Many people don’t realize the risk they assume by attending a concert. Therefore, when they get injured, they may be quick to try to sue the concert promoter. Later on, they find out that their assumed risk of injury was in the fine print of their ticket. This isn’t always the case, however. If you have been injured at a concert, reach out to a personal injury lawyer, like the ones from Sattiraju Law Firm. His/her legal counsel can help you determine whether you can take legal action.