DORJ AUGUST 2015small_phixr

Real name Dor Turgeman, Dorj grew up in Emek Hefer, a small town on the Israeli coastline, surrounded by nature, this was the setting in which he first starting playing musical instruments. Teaching himself to play the guitar and piano from the age of 9, Dorj was taught to sing by his grandfather – once a famous singer back in Morocco. Exposed to the art of improvisation, through complicated vocal techniques that originate from Arab influenced music – this was Dorj’s entry into music, later helping him develop his ability, and enhancing his desire to play instruments, and sing incessantly.

In his twenties, Dorj then went to study classical composition at the music academy of Tel Aviv, where he learnt classical composition – conducting symphony orchestras with as many as forty parts/instruments, being taught to understand Counterpoint, ear training, as well as performing in an orchestra choir. During this period Dorj would be simultaneously playing a wide range of instruments in jazz ensembles – jumping between harmonicas, keys and guitars – thereby fusing a strict classical music education with the freedom of jazz improvisations, testing the borders of musical jams.