Charity – ‘Yellow’ – EP Review


Awww – how can you NOT support a beautifully-expressive artist like this? Charity is taking sweetness to an all-new level on her latest release, the Yellow EP, with jazzed-up infusions of R&B, funk & soul all written with a modern-day nod to the old-school song-writers who have helped pave the way for her generation. You can hear some real classic-influences in her sound…back to truly-innovative song-writers like Terence Trent D’arby, Todd Rundgren, Stevie Wonder, Robbie Nevil…right up to more current acts like Zero 7 – but make no mistake, Charity is her own sound completely. Confident, captivating and genuinely writing songs to be adored – she’s a shining example of how passion, heart and the pure love of music can translate & transform fully into a completely beautiful recording.

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If anyone remembers the Day 1 album by Robbie Nevil back from 1991…in my opinion you’ll catch a much similar vibe from Charity on the opening tune “Pretty” and that bouncy, playful style he had all throughout that album, backed by the precision-perfect musicianship. Straight-up, the world needs more of this brightened sound. Charity opens up this album as inviting as a Hallmark-card wishing you to have the best of days; and though this first song “Pretty” is largely a tale of heartbreak, it also has a massively uplifting & inspiring message in its subtext. From her personal-turmoil, it seems that Charity has also found herself born-again with confidence anew, she’s empowered & ready to lead the way with her beautiful voice.

I hear a song like “Inspired” and I simply shake my head in disbelief and think to myself – ‘How come I haven’t heard about Charity until right now?’ This lady’s instincts for her voice and guitar are astounding and radiate melody from every chord. The smoothness of “Inspired” and its intricate guitar-line are impossible to ignore…but it’s truly the way that Charity chooses to sing this song that turns it all from good to GOLD. In a way…this song was so good that I began to worry somewhat…the overall sound of “Inspired” reminds me much of the atmosphere from Zero 7’s When It Falls album…but that was also an attempt to bring some classic soul-sounds back to the present…and it proved to be a very difficult task. Even with the success of the previous album, Zero 7 had a hard time convincing the people that this smooth-style had a place in today’s world…so again, to be truthful…I worry somewhat about Charity’s music finding enough earholes out there – she’s making music that shouldn’t be ignored. Considering that she’s not all that far away from sounds like John Mayer or Lily Allen creates, her sweeter, more authentic-sentiments should win you over in a heartbeat.

Need another example? I mean…SPOILER ALERT – I’ve already heard the EP multiple times and Charity charms her way through each and every song…but if you need a quick refill on your emotions, come and get some “Beautiful Moments.” Between her clever and sweetly-intentioned lyrics and her passionate delivery, Charity wins you over from every angle from the music to performance/production. With a delicate drum-roll filling in this song against the incredible bass…she again manages to steal the show entirely with her amazing instincts for her vocal-flow creating an intoxicatingly-inviting melody. This girl’s got IT…you know…that indescribable aspect of a truly captivating entertainer that finds a way to resonate strongly within us all…one that connects to you through music that will stick with you for life.

“Undescribable” ends the Yellow EP with a subtle piano-led melody that really leaves Charity out there on her own much more so than the tracks played previously. The result is a fantastically intimate moment that really pulls you in closely to listen to her voice here at the end of this EP. As much as I admire her song-writing, musicianship and instrumentation…I can’t help but think that the real strength of Charity is her incredibly-expressive voice – and this final song lets you get right up close to what will one day make this lady a worldwide sensation.

Because personally…I think there is ALWAYS room in my world for the music that Charity makes…and I think that she’s found a truly timeless style of music that she creates confidently…one that I have no doubt will continue to express her passion for years to come and lead her career to longevity. I mean look at me! I’m a bearded-dude living in a city of ROCK and I’d be the first to admit that Charity is writing sweet-songs that could easily melt your heart; the sincerity, honesty and genuine WANT to communicate through music is stamped all-throughout the Yellow EP – she should be extremely proud.

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