What does one focus on when introducing an act who’s not only won a number of Grammy Awards, been a part of countless amounts of ads including the latest Peugeot and Nike TV commercials, FIFA 2015 soundtrack, as well as climbing the charts with Giorgio Moroder and Charli XCX Diamonds, co-written by yours truly? And this is just the tip of the iceberg when speaking of the Swedish act Teddybears.

Since the beginning, Klas and Joakim Åhlund together with Patrik Arve have used their artistry as a platform to highlight their political views by determinately fighting for change and speaking openly anti-racism, anti-animal cruelty, pro-equality, pro-feminism and pro-unity.

After becoming one of the world’s most established team of writers and producers, having worked with the likes of Max Martin, Cee-Lo Green, Sia, Madonna and Iggy Pop to name a few, the Scandi trio have now decided to collaborate with the godfather of dancehall, the one and only Beenie Man.