Fresh off the back of her second single’s whirlwind success, London-based newcomer PILLARS has now unveiled a new, brooding number in the form of ‘You Got This’. The track perfectly slots into her growing collection of ambient electronica and adds another piece to the puzzle as we gradually reveal more about the singer’s musical and personal identity. With preparations being made for a debut London show this summer, following an appearance at The Great Escape festival, 2015 looks set to be a defining year for this young hopeful.

Having only acoustic experience under her belt, PILLARS takes on the world of production from her West London flat. The elusive songwriter has crafted a sound that is both pleasantly familiar yet delicately injected with just enough darkness to leave the hairs on the back of your neck trembling for more. Using samples of her own voice to build up idiosyncratic and hypnotic arrangements, there’s undoubtedly an air of intrigue surrounding the mysterious singer’s sound.