Tumbler – ‘You Said’


With careful attention to detail Tumbler’s “You Said” is an articulate lush take on chamber pop. At times reminiscent of Grizzly Bear’s restraint and good take, the album works best when taken in as a whole. Distinctive vocals and creative arrangements the songs have a dreamy, surreal quality to them. Separate little stories rise out of each corner of the album giving it a sense of warmth.

Audio: http://tumblermusic.com/releases

Beginning in a whisper is the fragile work of “Moments (she reappears)”. Full of nimble guitar work alongside a highly refined rhythm the piece creates a strange aural universe, one that alternates between contentment and anxiety. “Don’t think twice (she says)” moves into more comfortable territory as the cheery work (hand claps and their ilk) helps to propel it forward. Tumbler does incredible in bringing color to the forefront with a carefree attitude. Fragility reigns over the tenderness of “London girl”. Full of energy is the classic rock influenced work of “Businessman blues”. Hushed tones define the cinematic “Dennis and Jean”. Channeling easy charm is the aptly named “Bueller” whose light touch makes it the album’s highlight. Opting for a twee sound is the luxurious and spacious sound of “Call me sentimental”. Towards the end of the album the songs become progressively more intimate, leading up to the affectionate work of “Rowan tree”.

“You Said” is an album that does not need to raise its voice. The power of Tumbler’s “You Said” comes from the celebration of the quiet moments in life.


Posted by Beach Sloth