Kenny Fame – Soul of a Man (Volume 1)


Kenny Fame’s “Soul of a Man (Volume 1)” taps into the soul of the summer. With deeply hypnotic grooves these are pieces that possess such hot hot heat. Structurally sound the songs have a casual air to them. Vocals help to further emphasize this dreamy aesthetic. Bass lines are the heart of the album as everything revolves around them. Everything on here has a slightly funky vibe (alright, in some instances it is full-on) while updating the sound giving it a stripped down, raw feel.


By far the highlight of the collection is the glistening work of “We Came To Play”. With a sound reminiscent of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” Kenny Fame includes a lyrical narrative into the song. The song itself has a slower tempo than that Daft Punk piece and greater introspection. An absolute blast of a song it shows off their impressive chops. “On The Subway” takes a more folk-orientated tact as Kenny Fame employs an observational lyrical style, a little slice of life celebrated by the relaxed atmosphere. The heat rises off the steady rhythm of “Broken Valentine” as the song takes on an almost reggae-tinged sound, right down the the percussion and the persistent bass. Airy in nature is the sweetness of “She’s a Runner”.

“Soul of a Man (Volume 1)” displays Kenny Fame’s knack for combining memorable melodies with vibrant, physical grooves. It is a collection of pure joy.

Posted by Beach Sloth