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Interactive video games in 2015 have begun to feature technology that reaches new heights and evolves the industry as a whole. Internet gaming allows gamers to meet other players from all over the world, whereas games of the past used to be a more solitary hobby. The latest advances in interactive video games have shaped the future of this beloved industry. What will you love about video games in 2015?

Playstation Plus a Remarkable Deal

Playstation Plus continues to offer a brilliant package for downloadable gaming and covers every facet of the Sony console market. When launched in 2010, competing consoles could not rival Sony’s package because they kept their customer content refreshed once per month. While Xbox offers a similar program called Games with Gold run on Live Gold, the value gamers receive pales in comparison. Playstation Plus gave subscribers access to nearly $1,500 in free software, which is great compared to Xbox’s $580.

Underdog: Indie Games Introduce Innovation

In 2015, the indie titles sometimes even beat the more renowned titles. For example, OlliOlli, a skateboarding title faced FIFA, Madden, Forza, Football Manager, and Horizon 2 at the BAFTA Game Awards event and won by a landslide. What makes the indie titles worth checking out? Many of these titles often feature greater individuality because they are more willing to experiment with new formulas. High-budget blockbuster games often repeat the same features of their past games only looking to improve graphics. We’ve all heard about the latest Assassin’s Creed coming out, but it often feels like downloadable content, rather than a new game because there is nothing to mark the game as a revolutionary new title. Indie gaming studios are usually more willing to take risks, which leads to more impressive innovations.

Exploring Colossal New Worlds

If you have ever wandered through a game world like Far Cry 4, or Grand Theft Auto 5, you often find yourself getting lost in the artificial world. You can pop on the radio and drive around San Andreas for hours, causing mayhem without a discernible objective. While we could do this in past titles like Vice City, the Legend of Zelda, and Shadow of the Colossus, it reaches new heights in the fully interactive worlds that we see today.

Want to learn more about the latest advances in video games? Momocon, an Atlanta anime and video game convention, brings fans together and promotes the newest features in gaming technology. Other gamer venues are also working to introduce more titles and give players more options in how they interact with the game world and other players. The great thing about video games in 2015 is they are becoming more interactive than what was found in past video games, and there is more freedom of expression than in past gaming titles.