Hizreturn – ‘Deliverer’


“Deliverer” is a confident album full of hope. Hizreturn do a great job in including many different approaches from folk-tinged rock to indie rock and everywhere in between. Throughout it all they use their lyrical work to tie the pieces together. The songs are celebrations looking for the light of the world and living in it. Concepts of faith are explored in full throughout the songs as their angelic voices serve as the beating heart of the album. Additionally Hizreturn’s penchant for classic rock helps to further inform these glowing pieces.

Promo Clip for “Forever More” by Hizreturn:

“Streets Of Gold” begins the album off on a high note with a full, energetic sound. Their vocals here sound remarkably polished and their guitar flourishes are equally admirable. Going for a more laid back jazz rock fusion sound is their lounge centric work “Crazy Amazing Love”. Everything comes together perfectly on this track from the flute to the easy-going rhythm. Shifting into their classic rock style is the sweetness of “Forever More”. For the title track they let everything loose: from their rollicking spirit to their perfect chorus which in itself conjures up images of grandeur. Quieter in tone is the sprawling work of “The Restoration Has Begun”. They show off their admiration for rock of yore with a deep cover of “Knockin on Heaven’s Door”. On their second cover they truly enjoy themselves with that classic rock staple “Bad Moon Rising”. Ending things on a thoughtful note is the introspective work of “All My Days”.

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Hizreturn makes Christian Rock that rocks.

“Forever More” is on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six with Asian Distribution and Promotions this Summer 2015.


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