Vince Lindley feat K-Trik-E – “Party Life”


If Greenville native Vince Lindley’s debut single is autobiographical then that must be one hell of a boring party. Party Life is a trite, tired song about nothing in particular with as much hot air as it takes to blow up Lindley’s big head. There is literally nothing redeemable about this supposed “banger”. The beat is somewhere between anaemic and just plain dead, and the synths sound like the little snippets of different ringtones that you used to hear in ads that starred a frog who was easily crazier than this song.

And the lyrics, oh the lyrics: “So you like to party and that’s alright/Everybody’s welcome in the party life”, now I’m all for simplicity in pop music, if every song had the lyrical dexterity of Thom Yorke said songs would be more thinky and much less fun. Yet lines like “We’ve only got one life/so let’s live it right” are pedestrian at best and doesn’t infuse my brain and spirit to join the party: instead it makes me want to write a nasty review, sorry Vince.

I know that there is no such thing as an original pop song anymore, each new effort is inevitably influenced by what has come before it but Party Life is the equivalent of gristle. Basically it has all of the worst aspects of modern pop are in this song: bland lyrics, cell phone beats, the 5 second rap by a guest performer (K-Trik-E, who would do best to forget he had any part of this), worst of all, obnoxious chanting of the chorus near the end. It’s the moment that is supposed to sound natural and upbeat, although it actually sounds like two drunk guys stumbling home drunk in the early hours of the morning after the party’s over. Sadly for Vince, the party never begun.


Score: 4.5/5 Stars

by Kevin Boyle