In 2013, Elizabeth Harper, the singer/songwriter behind Class Actress, left New York behind her to find new inspiration and headed to Los Angeles. The allure of the fame and fortune in Hollywood brings many out west but Harper came under the guise of consolation over personal grief. While living in a bungalow within an infamous Beverly Hills hotel, she serendipitously reconnected with a former flame – a torrid encounter that reignited passion and desire. Context is everything and out of those ashes came the inspiration for Movies, the new Class Actress EP coming June 23rd on Casablanca Records.

Movies is reminiscent of late 80s / early 90s neo-noir, meticulously recreating the glitz, glamour and dark underbelly of Hollywood Hills-life into synthesized dance tracks. Elizabeth Harper’s sultry voice perfectly coexists over nu-disco beats produced by herself, Giorgio Moroder, Neon Indian and Mess Kid among others. Executive-produced by dance music legend Giorgio Moroder and acclaimed songwriter Evan Bogart (son of Neil Bogart, the founder of Casablanca Records), the EP reunites Moroder and a Bogart for the first time since the original team behind the life-force of the label, a reunion which happened specifically because of this release.The six-song EP is timeless yet captures a very essential moment of 2015 Los Angeles. On making the music, Moroder said:

“It was such an amazing experience to work on a release for Casablanca again. It means a lot to me at this point in my career anytime someone is interested in working with me. She [class actress] is so lovely to work with, and made the work a very enjoyable experience for me.”