Planetary Nights – ‘Silken Sky’

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This will be the fifth article I’ve done for Planetary Nights so definitely have some history with this band. I knew when I first heard Planetary Nights back in 2009 reviewing the album ‘Elliptical Motion’, (, that this group had something special and unique. Jump ahead six years and Planetary Nights is still rolling along with a brand new release titled ‘Silken Sky’ that does not disappoint at all. Planetary Nights has gotten even better over time proving that good things do come to those who wait. Planetary Nights has evolved into one fine-tuned, music-making machine that produces top-quality songs for a wide audience. And don’t expect anything less!

Reaching for the ‘Silken Sky’, Planetary Nights seems to have everything aligned just right on this new record. The album features five tracks that will rock your world! And the beauty is that each song on ‘Silken Sky’ has its own identity where you hear something totally different from one song to the next. Vocally & musically, Planetary Nights is on point with a sound that is rich in texture, style and substance. The captain steering the Planetary Nights ship is R.J. (Bob) McSweeney who wrote all the songs on ‘Silken Sky’ and is also the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. I can’t forget to mention that there were also a number of talented musicians and studio professionals that helped in the making of ‘Silken Sky’. Without the crew backing McSweeney on this project, a hole & void would have been left on the silky smooth sky. With that being said, Planetary Nights, as a whole team, has created something that is full and complete with everything coming together perfectly on the new album.

“Silken Sky” MP3:

The first track on the record, “Lifted Away”, is easy-flowing like a calm stream and also has a catchy beat & hook that has Pop appeal. There’s gritty roots rock evident on this song with the help of McSweeney’s raspy vocals that bite right through. On the next number, “Headlight Lullaby”, you will hear more of a soft & tender approach from Planetary Nights as the mood is set to a delicate touch. A heavy influence of a Country sound is heard shining through on “Headlight Lullaby” as R.J. & company deliver a powerful, ballad-esque tune. This particular track, for me, hit me inside because of its emotive-induced sound that pulls you in and leaves a nice taste in your ears. “Headlight Lullaby” is a stand-out track to me because it offers up a generous amount of feeling that is true and genuine where the listener can actually experience this and feel it for themselves. Next up you will hear the title track, “Silken Sky”, which packs a punch as one real rockin’ song. This song can definitely be considered a fan favorite for Planetary Nights because of its heavy energy and rock & roll presence. The album ends on a high note with “Bet You’re Doin’ Fine” because this is a real rocker where Planetary Nights is bringin’ it home in style. Planetary Nights is going out with a bang as you’ll definitely be doin’ fine on this closing number. “Bet You’re Doin’ Fine” is composed of a real Rock atmosphere where the band is in full effect and not leaving until you get your money’s worth. I’m confident when I say you will get more than your hard-earned money’s worth with this record ‘Silken Sky’ as I sense that Planetary Nights poured everything into this one. There’s some good ‘ol fashioned heart & soul on ‘Silken Sky’ as Planetary Nights is a force to be reckoned with because of the bona fide sound & music. Be sure to take a listen to the title track while you’re here as you take in the true essence of Planetary Nights—dedication, high quality & a professional touch.

By Jimmy Rae (