Chandani press1_phixr

Every teenager goes through a period of trying to figure out who they are. For some the answers are immediate and for others the answer may be right in front of their eyes, they just need a little guidance to uncover their true self. For Chandani, she always knew that creating art would be important to her. Growing up she was confident that art would play a large part in her life, but she wasn’t quite sure how. A chance meeting to discuss a potential acting career soon turned to the topic of music and all of those years of writing down feelings, quotes, and emotions into her green notebook galvanized and she immediately heard her true calling.

Fast forward to today and the vivacious, tenacious and stunningly beautiful 18 year old Chandani is releasing her debut video “Addiction,” which is a song that has the maturity and thought provoking content that even the most seasoned singers and songwriters still chase to this day.

While the performance element was easy to act upon, the songwriting side of things required just a touch more prodding. It wasn’t until a bad relationship left her aching for an outlet to express what she was feeling. A few days hunkered down with her notebook and the help of guitarist Tom Strahle and Chandani completed “Addiction.” The song is an honest plea to a mystery partner about her hopes that one day he would put all of his other vices aside and see Chandani as the only form of distraction that he needs.

When it came time to shoot the video for “Addiction,” Chandani teamed up with director K.C. Amos to create a piece of work that simultaneously reveals the peaks and valleys of a once budding and loving romance that ultimately turns ugly and destructive when addiction takes hold. Her real life experiences are apparent in the video as she convincingly plays the part of smitten and scorned lover. Her pleas are sincere and her love is real, but only time will tell if it is enough to overcome the power of addiction. For anyone with a sound mind and their head on straight, Chandani is the only addiction they really need.