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The sky is blue, the sun is beaming, and the flowers are in full bloom. Yes, summer is finally here. Why not bring a bit of that marvelous warmth and brilliant sunshine into the interior of your home? Besides just adding more windows or lighting, there are some fundamental things you can do to instantly brighten up your space, such as clearing off and de-cluttering the many surfaces throughout your home.

Over the cold months of winter, it was nice to fill your home with cozy accessories. However, now that the sun is shining and out in full force, it’s time to store all those extra home décor accessories away till this fall in favor of sparkling, clean surfaces. Incorporating more light is the obvious solution to a dark and dreary place. In fact, one of the most depressing issues in virtually any home is a lack of enough natural light coming in. If you have a similar problem in your home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that there are a variety of ways to address this common problem and actually solve it.

Here are 5 awesome ways to brighten and freshen up your home this summer.

1. Let the light into your space.
If your home is too dark and somewhat dreary, you probably need to add more lighting overall. For many homeowners, adding more light may be a simple matter of just adding additional ceiling lights that will do wonders for making the entire home look brighter as well as more attractive. In rooms where more light is absolutely necessary, such as kitchens and bathrooms, you can cleverly use downlights and spotlights in order to add more light and also produce special effects.

2. Add additional mirrors in the room.
Mirrors are a natural way to add more light to a room along with visual space. However, it’s crucial to hang the mirror in the right place. Hold your mirror up in various spots around the room to determine where it will utilize the most light. If your mirror is strategically placed in the right spot, you’ll notice how much more light is bouncing off the walls and around the room. Mirrors also have the ability to add class and visual charm as well.

3. Install additional windows or upgrade the ones you already have.
For some people, the main issue is there’s not enough light that penetrates the home in the first place. Usually, this is because the windows were installed in the wrong positions or there aren’t enough of them overall. Adding additional windows may seem like a daunting task, but it can result in making a huge difference to your home. Another good idea is to change your standard doors to French doors or patio doors in order to enable a great deal more light to filter through.

4. Paint the walls a different color.
Painting a lighter color on the walls is another good way of ensuring that the room looks bigger and brighter. People often underestimate the power of color, but in fact it can make a significant difference in the brightness as well as the general atmosphere in a room. This principle is especially true in smaller rooms where every inch of space counts.

5. Consider changing your window treatments.
Easier than adding new windows or painting walls, is to simply change your window treatments to something that will allow more light to filter the room. How thick are your curtains? If a change is needed then finding the right Las Vegas window shades for your home should be priority. There are several styles that will let in the rays of the sun while protecting your privacy.

Want to really get dramatic about creating more light in your home? Consider tearing down a few interior walls in order to fully open the space and allow even more light to enter your home. Naturally, this is taking it to the extreme. However, it does work very effectively nonetheless.