You may have your friends and cousins to run up to for tips on how to impress your guy or girl but it’s the moms who can get you the best dating advice. Their prolonged experience has made them wiser to any of your buddies and the way she can predict the course of a relationship- nobody can. The post here jots down some of best dating tips from the moms.

Be authentic

Always be authentic when you are dating somebody and has got plans to take the bonding further into a concrete relationship. People have this tendency to emulate their date’s dream girl or boy to appear more fetching- but in doing so they only end up being a cheap mimic. Remember, if your date has agreed to go out on a date with you, he or she must have found something interesting in you. So, be proud of yourself and don’t shy away from being your own self. To be in a committed relationship, your date has this right to know how you are actually as a person.

Follow your unique pace

Relationships, especially the conjugal bonds, must not be decided in haste. Do not ever compare your relationship status with others. It could be that almost all your besties have exchanged the vows by now but that doesn’t imply that you too have to follow their path – when you are not ready. Maybe that you are dating your man for just 3-4 months and need more time to figure out whether you two would be able to be together forever or not. Every relationship has its own unique pace and you have to respect that.

Don’t drag a loveless relationship

Are you having a bitter feeling about your relationship? Is it that the entire affair is all about sobs and fights of late? Well, then, it’s better to let go of the relation since there is no point in dragging on a loveless bond. Fights are not uncommon in a relationship but if it only makes you upset, then it’s not a relationship any more.

Don’t act needy

It’s common to be dependent on boyfriend or girlfriend when you are in a committed relationship-but don’t act needy on your first date. The first date might be the last one as well. So, until and unless you are sure about that person’s worth in your life, do not bother him or her with your needs.

Don’t talk about your ex in the first date

This is one of the most important things to take note of while you are on your first date post breakup. Do not ever talk about your ex on your first date as otherwise your date would feel that you are still not over him or her and lose interest in taking anything further with you. You will definitely reveal about your previous relationships later but never on your first meet.

Stay positive

Always be positive and fresh on your date, especially if it’s the first date with somebody. First impression matters.

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