Sir Ivan’s – “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye”


Talk about subliminal messaging to the masses, talk about remixing the world, talk about bullying, talk about everything aforementioned and you’ve got Sir Ivan, an artist set to raise awareness to bullying through music.

It’s time to “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye,” and you may not know it, but that’s what you’re being trained to do. As you dance to one of the Radio Mixes of Sir Ivan’s “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye” on the dancefloor, you’re being subliminally trained to back those being bullied. To be a soldier for the picked on, a soldier against the not so confident, a soldier against bullies all over, IMO.

While I haven’t heard of the guy, Sir Ivan is known as Peaceman. He has appeared and been featured on TV shows all over the globe and is very popular in France and Germany. And again while I haven’t heard of Sir Ivan, being a huge fan of dance music, I have indeed heard of Paul Oakenfold. “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye” was written by Sir Ivan, produced by Paul Oakenfold, and sung by singer Talyor Dayne. A great choice of producer for the cause behind the song.

Additionally to his “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye” single, Ivan has also released “I Am Peaceman,” a collection of originals and remakes of some classics. All of Ivan’s music is all about promoting peace, happiness, and love. It’s all about raising awareness to the bad in this world. All recording royalties from Ivan’s recordings go to his self-created Peaceman Foundation. Sir Ivan’s Peaceman Foundation was stemmed from the pain suffered by his family, and like his music, is all about preventing “hatred and violence toward anyone, and to help those who are victims of hatred and violence.”

As the old saying goes, music is what makes the world go around, and if music can embed love, peace, and happiness into our minds and hearts, Sir Ivan might just be on to something, but can he spread his message successfully through dance music? Should he have chosen a different genre, or style of music to promote this message? Is dance music appropriate to spread a message against bullying? Dance music itself may not be the ideal genre, but it’s definitely the ideal vehicle in my mind. Dance music (in saying that, like other genres too) is remixed and mixed by the masses, spreading one song from country to country in various different styles of EDM with multiple djs and producers putting their own spins on it and thus, spreading Sir Ivan’s message further.

With Sir Ivan’s initiative we can spread peace, love, and happiness across the globe. We can mentally train as many humans as possible through music and subliminal messaging, we can spread the good. All of this in the hope that peace will prevail and the hatred and violence will no longer be around. Let the music go around, not the hatred. Let’s “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye,” once and for all.

Sir Ivan’s “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye” is a great track with a great message behind it, and if you’re against all of the bad things in this world, then let’s make a pact. I insist that you visit Sir Ivan’s website and have a read of his biography. Have a listen to the remixes of “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye,” pick your favourite, and share his links.



Review by Jeffrey M.