Famined Records’ newest signing, Belgium’s metalcore outfit Strains, has just released their new single off their forthcoming label debut entitled Redefine[d]. “White Chains” is off the Aljoscha Sieg recorded EP that will be released June 30th and took over a year to record with Maarten commenting, “We took our time to get the best out of this first EP and are more than happy with the record we’ve been able to create.” Maarten continued by revealing, “In 2007 I suffered from an accident that put me in the hospital in complete isolation for several months, undergoing over 10 surgeries. This accident changed everything I stood for and knew of life at that point. Every track of Redefine[d] tells a part of my story starting at how I now look at the life I led before the accident to today where I analyze the whole process I underwent and my look at the future. Although the lyrics are quite personal, I still feel they’re abstract enough for other people to relate to the daily struggles that changed me as a person in every aspect.”