Televisions Favorite Careers and Why They Gain Popularity 1_phixr

Turn on the television and you’ll find that certain careers make the grade on regular programming. Whether it’s a sitcom, a drama, or a reality show, there are certain jobs that grab our attention. They’re the kind of jobs we all wish we could have, or we’re simply in love with the kind of character who takes on that amazing role in life. Take a look at the top picks.

Is There a Doctor in the House?
From the soap operas to the prime time dramas, doctors have always been a favorite. While there have been a few female doctors on television, men are definitely in the majority. Most of them are young and extremely handsome. It’s no wonder viewers love them. They’re the image of success and everyone wants to bring a doctor home to tie the knot.

The Defense Rests
Over the years, the defense attorney has made a splash on television. From way back when with Perry Mason, to L.A. Law, lawyers turn heads. While they might not have the best reputation in real life, on television they dazzle with their confidence, skill with words, moral handling, and dashing looks. According to a Keyser Minnesota Defense Attorney, some employees have said television was the inspiration behind the career choice of many a Minnesota Domestic Assault Lawyer.

Somebody Call the Cops
The police have been a powerful force to be reckoned with over the years. Chips, Cagney and Lacy, Chicago PD, NYPD Blues, and so many more shows have revolved around the life of a police officer. The programs are usually intense and make you hold your breath, making police work seem a lot more glamourous than perhaps it really is. A few good looking specimens never hurt either.

We Need to Fight Fire with Fire!
The Fire Department makes a strong showing on prime time. For the most part, you’ll find admirable, attractive fire fighters that come in to save the day. We all want heroes in our lives and first responders never let us down. When those brave, young individuals show up at the door, they steal a few hearts along the way.

Proud to Serve
You can’t forget the military. From the Navy to the Army, the Marines, and the Air Force, members of the service take on mesmerizing roles on television. They draw us in with their courage, remind us of what true patriotism means, and give us hope for the future.

When you’re thinking about going out to get a job or want to switch careers, turn on the television. You might find inspiration from the characters who enter our living rooms each night during the prime time lineup. These characters have shaped the popular consciousness throughout the decades and these mainstays have shaped how many of us see these active roles. It will be interesting to see how careers change and develop onscreen in the future.

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