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Recorded in Brisbane with Matt Redlich (Emma Louise, Ball Park Music, The Trouble With Templeton) at the helm, You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog unveils the band pushing in to a darker sound with atmospheric swells ebbing under sharp glassy guitar breaks, soaring vocal harmonies and driving bass. An extended instrumental outro has given space for guitarist Oscar Dawson to play in a way that has only been heard in a live setting, showcasing a developed sound that the band has embraced while on the road.

As vocalist Tim Carroll says, the fundamental premise of the song is that love is fickle. “We try in our lives to do all kinds of things to control it and manage it and bend it to our wills, but sometimes you just wake up one day and it’s gone…and that’s that. Like ice melted,” says lead vocalist Tim Carroll. “And the point of that is, if you do find yourself in the enviable position of being ‘in love’ and feeling love – fucking enjoy it. Treat it like a good scotch. Breathe it in deep and wash it round your mouth and take in the bath and get drunk.”