Craig Coltham – “Watching Over Me”


Craig Coltham’s confident voice reigns supreme on “Watching Over Me”. The sensitivity of the song is obvious. By mentioning specific geography the sound takes on a love for those surroundings. Instrumentally the song takes on a reflective point of view letting the sounds sprawl over everything. With a sense of earnestness Craig Coltham’s lyrics feel particularly powerful. At times the song appears to look towards the past wondering what happened and what could have happened. Letting the song hint at these elements helps to give it a mysterious air.



“Watching Over Me” comes in swinging at first. Percussion works wonders to effectively set the mood. Guitar work is restrained hitting all the right notes. Brought together with Craig Coltham’s voice the song gains additional power. Aspects of the sound grow with small flourishes, the piano, the lyrical cycle. For the song growth happens ever so gradually. Repetition works well for the piece as it helps to heighten the emotional impact of the song. The saxophone work is perfectly apt helping to amplify the sense of drama that the song conveys. Most of this occurs towards the end as the song fully picks up becoming a whirlwind of sound as everything comes together. As the song comes to a close the only thing left is Craig Coltham’s powerful voice.

An excellent track this is exactly the kind of sound that many artists try to emulate but few can pull of effectively. Craig Coltham’s “Watching Over Me” is an exquisite piece of work.

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