At least not by the standards of up and coming rock group newbies “Black Star Electra,” who are making their official smash on the music scene with their brand new, self titled album, yep you guessed it, “Black Star Electra.” So What sets this band apart? Well for starters, their front man is not only female but also a well known name, with a well known bad girl rep!

Introducing Miss Daisy De La Hoya. Never heard of her? Well you have now. Daisy is best known for her “acting roles” on the Hit VH1 reality show “Rock of Love,” and “Daisy of Love.” Before you judge, you should know that this new age Joan Jett, has been writing music since the age of 9, toured the country playing in rock groups 4x over by age 19 and has already had two hit songs on iTunes with “Pretty Messed Up” and “Suck it.”

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