Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle – Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle


Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle is a rollicking good time. This is rock n’ roll at its absolute best. With a clear humid Southern feel these are songs packed full of heart and soul. Lyrically the songs focus on universal themes, from relationships to religion. How these songs are built differs: from the straight-up heat of “Til The Devil Knows I’m Dead” to the gentler guitar work of “Let’s Let Love”. Everything within these songs explores the heartfelt questions that come up throughout a life.

Audio + Tracks:

For the opener “Let’s Let Love” Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle start things off with a casual groove and displays their mastery with impressive guitar solos halfway through the piece. On the opposite side of this is the extremely passionate work of “Til The Devil Knows I’m Dead”. By far the highlight of the collection the vocals at times reach a level of sounding completely possessed. Here the interplay is incredible as the band itself alternates between a slow funky shuffle and delirious guitar work anchored by the steady bass line. “Double Down Boogie” shows off their perfection of their craft as the solos are positively blistering. Taking a more narrative approach is the swagger of “Let Me Come Home” whose work includes some rather well-done storytelling.

Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle bring rock n’ roll back to its roots, all emotion, no distance, the songs are immediate direct and downright excellent.

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