Iain Woods’s concept-heavy projects hang somewhere between pop, punk, art, film and prank. His singular, auteurist vision is intensely DIY in it’s ethos, with Woods writing, performing, arranging and producing his own albums (which he describes as ‘conceptual suites’) and designing, producing, directing and editing his own insanely experimental, no-budget videos and shows. Heavily influenced by his time at art-school, his works stem from the page upwards, with him living and breathing every aspect of his conceptual world at a given time. For his debut album, psychologist, Woods slept in a bed of black satin for three years, he wore black satin pyjamas and only wrote or drew on black paper with white or silver ink. This obsessive dedication is apparent in the musicological fabric of the album, which Woods describes as ‘a black and white dream-logic pop universe with tiny flecks of colour trying to come through, like David Lynch fucked Madonna’.


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