Powerful, intimate and resonating, Cape Cod’s pop-punk duo Beautiful Tuesday are taking their music to the next level with the release of their new single “The Crown.” Displaying a shift in their sound and writing alike, the song represents a transition from their acoustic duo roots to a full-band sound. Beautiful Tuesday stays true to their origins while refining their raw, fresh energy to captivate audiences.

“The Crown quickly became a fan favorite, as well as one of our favorites to perform,” said lead vocalist Theresa Andrewski. “The emotions are honest and unadulterated. It’s a confession, a plea, and a demand; all at once.” Looking to transfer the same energy to the studio, they sought the help of Chris Piquette (of Trophy Wives) at No Boundaries Studios to record the single. “It was brought to life,” said guitarist and vocalist Matt Almquist, “we gained a whole new appreciation.”

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