Digital donation platform, PIZICATO, launched today and is transforming the way fans can support their favorite musicians. This technology allows the fans to have a direct impact on how an artist is compensated, effectively plucking their own strings, disrupting the status quo and changing the model of the current music industry. From small town garage bands to superstars, it’s time for the fans to take back the power and revolutionize the way musicians are supported now and into the future. With PIZICATO, fans can pull the strings and ensure the artists they love have what they need to succeed.

“Being a lifelong music fan, I am very excited about how easy it has become to listen to my favorite music and discover new artists through online streaming sites. However, I am disappointed with how these changes have impacted the way artists are compensated,” explained Jeff Storm, longtime entrepreneur and co-founder of PIZICATO. “Music is such a personal, visceral experience and some of it resonates so deeply that I’d like to personally say thank you to the artists and share how they’ve impacted my life. We believe PIZICATO is a new way to make a difference.”

Inspired by a popular stringed instrument playing technique in which the artist plucks the string to sound the note rather than bow the string as one would traditionally, with PIZICATO, the fans hold the strings to the music industry. By directly compensating artists without the middleman, listeners have the power to disrupt the long tones of a broken industry in need of change. PIZICATO users are now able to directly support the performers they love at PIZICATO.com—allowing them to create the new industry model. Using Facebook’s application programming interface (API), PIZICATO connects the fan to the artists’ Facebook Page and allows the fan to donate directly to the artist, band, or musician they love via PayPal. These donations are all tax-free to the artist, and the artist receives 82% of the donations made. The rest goes back to PIZICATO.com to cover PayPal fees and operations by ensuring more donations come in to do even more good.


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