Ahead of the release of his forthcoming album, Gliss Riffer, out February 24, 2015 on Domino, Dan Deacon has shared ‘Learning to Relax.’ Listen to it here. It follows the release of the Andrew Jeffrey directed video for Gliss Riffer opening track ‘Feel The Lightning.’

“Learning to Relax”, a live favorite that took shape while being performed on the road last year in support of Arcade Fire, is yet another exploration of Deacon’s newfound appreciation of tracks featuring predominate vocal melodies. It’s one of the many songs on Gliss Riffer reveling in equal parts exuberant uncontained good times as well as dramatic flair. The same could be said for the “Learning to Relax” animation created by Alan Resnick, as described by the creator himself: Two parallel columns of cubes are colored with complementary gradients. The cubes oscillate at faster and faster rates, which create the optical illusion of color mixing within elaborate visual patterns.

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