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No, this is not Tori Amos or Coldplay but they definitely play a big role on Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jourdan Myers which even though she says she doesn’t consider herself a perfectionist, you can really hear she did paid attention to details on every song in her new album Run Me With Love.

‘Lifetime or Before’ screams so many influences she somehow found the way to blend together into a song that will be just a crime to not love – from the piano that plays the same melody over and over again and instead of drive people insane it helps to get them lost in one of the best music pieces I have heard this year so far. “Long Days” minimalistic music in the background works as a great complement to showcase Myers´ sweet and beautiful vocals. Throughout the album, none of the tracks sounds the same which shouldn’t be a surprise considering we are in front of a very eclectic artist.

I don’t think anyone can say something bad about Jourdan and whoever who does that should, after finishing writing down all his/her ignorance and envy, go and pay a visit to his doctor cause there is something wrong with their ears, mind or both. Yes, she might not be the most original artist of our generation but as you read through her bio, this is an artist that´s here for the sake of art, of expressing her feelings and tell stories about she´s been through. Another thing to highlight is the production arrangements, they are flawless and if you put that together with Myers vocals that easily go from sweet and haunting to powerful high notes without sounding like she´s screaming rather than singing as many vocalist sadly make when they try to showcase their big vocals. It´s not pretentious, it´s real and humble strong vocals that grabs you and doesn’t let you go. It gets behind your skin and it´s hard to not start shaking of excitement.

In the end, there´s no doubt Jourdan is one of the best kept secret the world needs to know and when they do, everyone would be at her feet. Like I´ve mentioned throughout the review, her music has lots of hints from Andrew Bird to Florence + The Machine but that don´t get confused and she´s just another wannabe. I think what makes her similar to these artists is that they are all honest musicians; they are not here for the cash but for the sake of art, their talent isn´t the product of lots of music classes, Jourdan was born for this and maybe those courses just shaped her and help her grow as an artist but her talent is natural. So if you are someone that every day you listen to the mainstream radio, you keep losing your hope in the music scene then I will recommend you to look the other way because I can tell you something for sure, the real talent is yet to be discover – so don´t waste your time on gimmicks and start looking for the real thing. That being said, may I recommend you start with Jourdan?

Rating: 5/5 Stars

RJ Frometa

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