Elstow started turning heads in 2012 when they played Sydney’s Peats Ridge Festival on the back of a few rough demos. Completely unknown in the Sydney scene, Jared Shaw and Chel Browne borrowed the name of the building they lived in and quickly expanded to five members. Their sound encompasses the psychedelic folk and pop of the sixties and seventies, coupled with an alternative nineties neo-psychedelic flavour. In 2014 the band released their debut EP As The Sun Falls, five tracks of dreamy psychedelic landscapes infused with a moody folk sensibility, and have been winning over unsuspecting hearts one mind-bending show at a time.

Described by one blogger as “neo-psychedelic-dream-folk,” the band’s second single ‘Evil Dreams’ is no great departure from their carefully developed sound. Despite the sinister sounding name, and promises of a “very weird” video to accompany it, the song is described by Shaw as “a little more upbeat than the EP, which is probably a result of my growing infatuation with The Flaming Lips’ late-nineties record ‘The Soft Bulletin.’”


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