Ralph Burg – Time to Sing


Ralph Burg’s “Time to Sing” is pure bliss. With a dreamy sample that weaves in and out of perception the song takes on a laid-back vibe. This is nicely matched by Ralph Burg’s flow. Lyrically the song focuses on growing up with others. A lot of life’s many paths rests upon the past and the reaction to that very past. Hence the vaguely nostalgic sheen of the song is equal parts sonic and narrative. One of the best parts of the song is the remarkably detailed storytelling that serves to anchor everything around it.

Opening up with a series of colorful descriptions the pieces begin to come together to create the picture of a life. The affection of the song is undeniable. Incredibly kind the song serves as something of a spoken word prayer to a family member long gone. Such a song of sadness it possesses a level of hope. Here the song praises those who helped him during his period of loss. Lots of individuals were able to fill that empty space left after his mother passed away. Rhythmically the song appears to take its downtempo vibe and gives it a cathartic feel. A gentle thud the piece offers a sense of consistency as Ralph Burg recalls the moments in his life, and thanks those who helped him on his life’s path.

Small flourishes of sound, the slow yet persistent beat, all of it works together nicely to make “Time to Sing” a song of surprising comfort and warmth.


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